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A (somewhat) Daily Record of My Journey (in my 40's and beyond) to Success in Hollywood
In Tune-ing Up

In Tune-ing Up

Another brief rehearsal & wardrobe check for the upcoming film "In Tune" that I'm acting in, produced by Source Entertainment as part of the non-timed 168 Film Festival competition. Looking forward to shooting this one! #astoryoflove #intune #sourceentertainment

A Timeless Performance

What will you do with the opportunities you're given? Regardless of how small they seem at the time? When the pilot for NBC's Timeless was shot, Claudia Doumit's role only had a couple of lines - a technician that was little more than a Background Actor. But she made...

Possible Writing Job

Meeting a novelist later today in Reseda to show him some writing samples and discuss hiring me to build a historical blog to back-up and support/market his upcoming novel about a relatively unexplored story from World War II. And I started writing a short horror...