Great night at Greenhouse tonight. Harry Friedman could easily be considered one of the most successful producers in Hollywood, having overseen more than 8000 episodes of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! and won almost 50 Emmy awards.

But the best part of his story isn’t the successes, it’s the failures, the near misses and failed ventures. Imagine setting one of those unrealistic deadlines for success in Hollywood, getting a connection through a chance meeting that led to a part time job that becomes full time the exact day of your self-imposed deadline. Not only that, but a writer seeking success, only to find it as a writer of questions for a game show.

Imagine the show you’ve worked on for several years being cancelled, leaving with multiple Emmy awards, and discovering that not only are there no jobs waiting for you, but people only see you as a game show¬†guy.

Add that to a 40+ year marriage and one of the kindest guys in the business – so talented and kind that his show crews have been with the organization for 20-30 years.

And he was kind enough to give us a really nice endorsement for Greenhouse!