I wasn’t sure whether to title this starting or finishing strong. Sunday the beginning of the week, so starting, but it’s the conclusion of a long weekend, so finishing? Who knows.

Anyway, started bright and early today, setting up for church at Pacific Crossroads. Tried to nap between services, but not much luck.

Then I zipped across town (while talking to Mom & Dad) to Space Station Casting, to do the callback for Reckless Juliets, episode 7 (playing Dean the father) from that self-tape a couple weeks back.

Audition went well and I had just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to On The Page for my shift proctoring the 15-hour writer’s marathon. Got about 10 pages out, despite my headache and not being sure where part of my story was going, but not bad for the time spent.

Now heading home for dinner and an early bedtime. Back to work tomorrow!