Great workshop today from Greenhouse and Phil Cooke at CBS Radford.

A few highlights:

Stop multi-tasking. You can’t, and the more you try, the worse it’s gonna get.

A resume is out. A bio is in. People want a story. Tailor that story to your specific audience, keep it short and sweet, but don’t fake it!

Focus more on your skills and less on the industry you’re involved in – deepen your vision for your talent.

Stop saying yes. There’s power in “No”

Learn how to read a room – people skills, relationships, read between the lines, and sometimes, just shut up and listen.

How to WIn Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Stop focusing on your passion. Figure out the One Big Thing you were born to do.

Understand the one, most important question for everyone you’re talking to – “Why should I care?” aka, what’s in it for me?

Stop ignoring your story. And do your research.