About Me

Who Am I?

I am a writer and an actor who moved out to Los Angeles in 2012 to break into TV and film. While I got started a little later than most of the dream seekers in Hollywood, I come with the benefit of having spent many years creating and performing theatre productions, while at the same time working as a local News and Promo Producer and then a Sheriff’s Deputy in Lee County Florida. Click here to read more about what brought me here. This site is my effort to inspire my fellow creatives with the details of my sometimes circuitous, often disappointing, but ultimately successful journey.


I write stories about broken people – who don’t always know they’re broken – finding redemption.

My goal for 2017 is to write 12 full-length scripts this calendar year, with the intention of producing at least one. You can read more about that here.

Links to my scripts and scenes can be found here.


My three primary acting roles/types are:

Sympathetic Everyman
Honorable Business Professional
Resolute Dad

To determine those types, I took an excellent class with a fantastic actor and photographer, Mark Atteberry, at BeAWorkingActor.com Some of the work we did, I have shared on this site, but I excluded some elements so as not to take away from the experience of the class and the learning that takes place within that setting.

I have an older list of where you can see me here. It is currently in an archive setting, because of the loss of the earlier version of this website, and I have not had time to update it.

Click here for my homepage, including links to viewable video clips, photos of me in various roles, my reel (re-editing now to include recent material), and my profiles on Breakdown Services, etc.

If you are interested in seeing some of my video editing work or non-entertainment related writing, you can check out 13/30 Productions here.