When did we get to the point that social media is, in fact, the opposite of social? Unless screaming, bullying, ad hominen attacks and demonizing your neighbors and friends is part of your social life, that is. We can’t even have a civilized conversation about things we agree on, let alone a structured discussion about issues and things where we hold opposing positions. Everyone is either with us, or clearly out to destroy all of western civilization. No nuance, no consideration, no grasp of anything outside of that which reconfirms our previously held biases.

Remember when an argument was an intellectual process? A connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition? Yeah, it’s been years.

But, thanks to Facebook, and to a lesser degree, Twitter, Monty Python has proven to be… prophetic.

While you watch this classic clip from decades ago, consider… are you able to offer the benefit of the doubt to your friends and group members on Facebook, or will you persist in the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes, because of any, even minor, disagreement?

Oh, and feel free to disagree with me… I can handle it! 🙂