Had an audition today for a Live Musical Show on Norwegian Cruise Line, based on the John Hughes movies of the 80’s. I was reading for Mister, which essentially plays all of the bad guy adult roles – the detention teacher in Breakfast Club, the Principal in Ferris Bueller, etc.

I did the one of two scenes they had sent me – an introduction based on a classic Breakfast Club scene, broken up by welcoming the guests to the show, something I am very familiar with from my 15 years performing on the Seminole Gulf Railway Murder Mystery Train. They skipped the second scene, also based on Breakfast Club, then asked me to sing.

The song they had sent was one I was generally unfamiliar with, and I was not told I could bring my own song, which is actually ok, so I did the one they requested — The Young Americans by David Bowie.

I was very nervous after the disaster of my last musical audition experience, trying to do Stars from/for Les Mis, but I actually performed it very well, better than I expected, for just standing by the piano.

Oh! And the audition was at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio on North Hollywood!

If I get it, it’ll be a 6-month contract out of Miami, which could be a nice change of pace and I’ll see my parents more often. My sister Beth worked for one of the other cruise lines for several years and did ok.

We’ll see what happens!