Had a bit of a frustrating day on set. Hate when that happens, because it saps the joy out of something I really enjoy doing. Shooting a video for immigrants on knowing how best to react when you are put into a situation. Playing Commanding ICE Officer Edwards. The director, Anike, is a friend from my acting class at Mosaic with Cress Williams, and she used several others of us from the class. Plus, somehow they got Oscar-nominated Barkhad Abdi (from Captain Phillips) as our main immigrant.

Unfortunately, they planned for fewer people, they didn’t have radios, and were spread out across quite a distance of the retired prison facility we were shooting at and not everything got communicated effectively. To top it off, they got a little mixed up and ordered the uniform to my former roommate’s sizes, rather than mine – he’s a Medium, I’m an Extra Large.

Once we finally got down to business, I think it went pretty well, so that’s good. Looking forward to seeing the final project!