It seldom rains in Los Angeles, and when it does, it’s almost always a cold rain, not at all like the Florida rain I’m used to.

So I started the day in the rain, setting up for Children’s ministry at Santa Monica High School (for my church, Pacific Crossroads). Today was the day we gave out the Boxes of Love (Thanksgiving dinner donations for needy families), so we also had a nice Carnival set up on the basketball court – hot dogs, fries, chicken, sno cones, games, etc. The rain was nice enough to stop from 9am to 1:15 or so. Great for the Carnival, not so great for the tear down, which again, was in the rain.

After church, I talked to my parents, then headed downtown for the premiere screening of our entry in the 48-Hour (Holiday) Film Race. This was my first film race, I was only acting, but it seemed to go much smoother than stories I’ve heard of other such competitions.

Unfortunately, the light rain we had in SaMo, was a harder cold rain downtown – plus, with the American Music Awards, the Lakers-Bulls game, the LA Car Show and at least one other event, the always limited parking was even more at a premium. I finally snagged a spot about a half a mile away for what ended up costing me $10. Not bad, considering lots closer were charging $25-50 flat for the day (at 4:45pm).

I changed into a dry shirt and walked down to the theater, getting a little wetter in the process. Our film turned out well. It was easily in the Top 5, and I was suitably happy with 90% of the entries having decent craft and story.

Afterwards, we walked down to a historic LA restaurant, The Pantry, been there since 1924. Had a sizable portion of French Toast for $7.00. Then I walked the two ladies in our group back to their car and went searching for mine. It was a bit further away from theirs than I had thought, and the rain was getting harder. I finally made it back to my car, soaked, and changed back into the damp shirt from before.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but it was a pretty good day/night. I’ll post a link to the short film when I get it tomorrow!