So today was… interesting. Last night my iPhone, which got the screen shattered a couple weeks back, completely refused to charge – or so it seemed. So I decided to bite the bullet, pay it off and get a replacement – when I could.

I started the day with a class with the inestimable Chris Game. If you can take any of his classes, you should. I met him at ActorFest in 2011 (back when they HAD ActorFest) and I’ve worked with him ever since. This was a freebie class – part of his Actors Film School series, this one focused on the career of Marlon Brando. It was fun and informative, made even more so by the lady who interrupted the class (Chris always goes long) to teach her acting class. She had actually worked with Elia Kazan, the famous director, when he was at Actors Studio in New York and she shared some stories.

Then I ran over to Space Station Casting, for an audition for Richard, a hard on his luck dad who finds his life falling apart in the film Abigail. Waited about 10 minutes to go in and was in and out quicker than any one prior to me while I was waiting. They only had me do the one take, which sometimes means I nailed it, sometimes means they liked it, but just can’t see me in the role, and sometimes means they’re running short on time. Either way, I know I did good work in the room, so I’m happy. If I believed in luck outside of God’s providence, I would call Space Station lucky. I’ve booked more there than any other location.

Then I went to the AT&T store. Upgraded my phone to iPhone 7, 128 GB because they were out of the higher capacity one. Got a case that charges the phone continuously, more or less, Apple iCare, and even got a store credit for the old phone, which DID turn on as soon as I plugged it into their charging station. Anywho… $300+ and 3 hours later, I walked out with a new phone that will hopefully last me a while.

Now to edit some material for my patrons back in Florida and then catch up on NBC’s This Is Us – my friend Kiff Vandenhuevel from college booked a recurring role on the show, so I want to see what he’s playing (and – Spoiler alert – which generation).