Feeling a little more pleased with myself tonight. After working my survival job, I stayed in downtown Burbank and parked myself at the Starbucks for a few hours to write.

It’s weird, I’m alone most evenings at the apt., and have the computer ready to go, but there’s way too many ways to get distracted. Don’t get me wrong, downtown Burbank can be distracting too, but it’s easier to just let it pass by and keep going.

Anyway, got 15 pages finished. Not as much as I’d hoped, but a start, to get feedback from the Greenhouse Writer’s Group. And should have plenty more by the time we get to the meeting.

I’m looking at the Act One December 5th deadline and trying to hit it hard. ┬áConsidering paying a little extra to camp out at Pilar Alessandra‘s studio – she’s offering space for a 15 hour stretch on December 4… Might be worth it.

Oh, and I stopped by the Media Center Mall to sign the physical petition at Family Arcade. They’re getting kicked out by the new developers from Texas and hoping to mitigate that or find a new home in Burbank (but it’s difficult because of existing blue laws – never thought I’d say that in LA county…)