If you see this post, would you LIKE it? Normally don’t care, but I’m trying to expand this post’s reach…

So I’m switching gears a bit this year and hoping my FB friends can help. In addition to writing a pilot & spec script, I am actively seeking an entry-level writers room position.

This would be the Writers PA, Script Supervisor, Showrunner’s or Writers Assistant positions. I’ve got 20+ years of experience as a writer & I’m happy to provide my resume to anyone who wants to take a look.

If you are someone, happen to know someone – or someone who knows someone – who can help me out, I would be thrilled to have your assistance.

And for those of you who have watched and cheered my acting career here in Hollywood, yes, this will be a slight detour on that journey, but it was always my intention to be an Alan Alda, Eric Bogosian or Jason Segel (to name a few). This is part of a larger plan.

Thanks in advance for your help!