I’ve been having some discussions about BvS, the fallout & the future if WB/DC films and I thought I’d just throw this out there:

Can Zack Snyder handle shepherding the DC Film universe? I personally don’t think he can.

They need someone like Geoff Johns or Bryan K. Vaughn that can really look at everything and steer the ship. Unfortunately, those guys have tons of writing responsibilities.

Greg Berlanti is fine with the TV, but unfortunately he’s proven he can’t handle film yet.

WB needs a DC manager, like a Kevin Feige to oversee things. Or just do stand alone films. But what they’re doing now isn’t sustainable and, I think, shows the problem with trying to make a Marvel style universe with existing, haven’t changed since the 80’s (at least) WB studio sensibilities. Almost like a Clint Eastwood that knows DC comics, producing.

There’s nothing wrong with their approach, necessarily, but it doesn’t work in this situation. There’s a reason Marvel Studios was a small independent studio before they merged with Disney – and why Disney’s still maintaining that within their larger studio structure, like they’ve done previously with Touchstone and Castle Rock, and live action vs animation.

Sure, Robert Downey Jr. made $50-mil off the first Avengers film, but it was almost all backend, and now he’s taking second banana to Cap in Civil War. It’s just a whole different mentality.

We need someone like Feige in the DC “White House,” keeping them on track, someone who loves the comics and the characters and their histories. I’m suggesting Leo Partible.

Just my 2-cents.