News flash! Just because you like one thing does not mean you have to hate something else.

I’m distressed by the increasingly binary nature of our culture. Or at least how it appears on Facebook.

You can support a Republican candidate without hating Bernie or Hillary.

You can support Jeb! and not hate Rubio or Trump.

All Republicans aren’t liars.

All Democrats aren’t liars.

You can believe that all people need health care, whether you support or oppose Obamacare.

You can like The Force Awakens without hating on George Lucas.

You can also not like Force Awakens without being nasty about it.

(Star Wars is like pizza. Even when it’s not great, it’s still pizza.)

You can support police officers without agreeing with all of their actions – especially the ones that end in tragedy.

You can also support politicians and not agree with everything they do. You also don’t have to defend everything they do blindly.

We’re created to be complex human beings (or we’ve developed into them, if you choose to believe that theory). We don’t need to dissolve/devolve into name calling and vitriol just cause we have a different opinion than another person.

That is all.