Excited to be at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, FL, making new friends and meeting previously virtual ones.

Finally met fellow InfuzeMag writer Leo Partible face to face. He also spoke later on Heroes, Villains and the future of Comic Book films.

Got to hear Producer Phil Cooke and Mega-Producer Ralph Winter (or Tigger and Eeyore, as they refer to themselves) talking about producing and got the opportunity to chat with Phil Cooke for a few minutes after the workshop. Great guy. And he helped me shift my perspective, some in the workshop, but especially one on one. I have some decisions and changes to make.

Met festival organizer Tony Armer in an unusual way. I showed up and signed in to volunteer – they sent me almost immediately across the way to help a guy pull out some more chairs. It says something when the top dog at the whole festival is getting his hands dirty with menial labor to make sure everything is perfect for the festival-goers. I’m impressed.

Got to say hi to Napoleon Dynamite producer Sean Covel and his wife, Alexa Vega, from Spy Kids, and tell her how much I enjoyed her in Repo: A Genetic Opera.

Just spotted Ethan Suplee from Butterfly Effect and My Name is Earl too!

Settled into my hotel room, tomorrow’s an even bigger day!

An interview with Leo Partible.

An interview with Phil Cooke.

An interview with Ralph Winter.